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Dark Chocolate's Dark Secret: Heavy Metals and Your Health
Dark chocolate, a chocoholic's dream, has been touted for its health benefits thanks to its rich antioxidant content. But recent news has cast a shadow on this indulgence, raising concerns about lead and cadmium lurking within those delicious squares.The Culprits: Lead and CadmiumCadmium: This sneaky metal accumulates in the body over time, damaging the kidneys and bones (osteoporosis)....[ Read More... ]
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Brown recluse spider bite
Nebraska: Kelly Leisure was bit by a brown recluse spider hiding in his hoodie from his closet.  He fel sick when he got home later that day and then spent the next 5 days in bed before finally going to the hospital.“If I would have been in that room for another 24 hours, I would have been gone,” Kelly said.When Kelly got to the hospital, doctors rushed him into...[ Read More... ]
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Your Christmas tree could be infested with thousands of bugs, mites, ticks, spiders
A good reason to use a "fake" plastic Christmas tree or decorate your Christmas tree that is growing outside: bugs, lots and lots of bugs.  Most stores hose down the fresh cut trees, but that doesn't guarantee no bugs.  In fact, according to the ABC7 article and tree experts, "odds are you will be bringing as many as 25,000 bugs in with it."  That's a lot.Tree experts say most...[ Read More... ]
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Trick-or-treater finds blade in Halloween candy
Beaverton, Oregon: Trick-or-treating near NW Cornelius Pass Road and NW Quatama Road, KRON4 reports a 13-year-old girl found a blade inside a Twix bar after getting home.“We’ve always lived in a safe neighborhood, so it was very scary,” Tiffany, the girl’s mother said. “I had a hard time sleeping last night because of it.”The blade appeared to have possibly...[ Read More... ]
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Temporary blindness from one-eye smartphone viewing in dark
An article was published in "The New England Journal of Medicine" describing how you can get temporary vision loss, as found when getting the case history of a 22-year-old woman and 40-year-old woman.  The cause was pretty simple: lying down in bed on your side in the dark, looking at a smartphone, but only with one eye as the other eye is blocked by your pillow - when going back to using...[ Read More... ]
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Mars candy bars, Snickers
U.S. chocolate maker Mars says they are recalling candy bars and other items in 55 countries after plastic was found in one of its products.  Choking hazards and teeth issues.  No details provided on which products/manufactured dates, You might have already eaten it too...The German dpa news agency, citing Mars in Germany, reported the voluntary recall affects products produced...[ Read More... ]
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X-ray shows battery stuck in toddler's esophagus
An x-ray provided the problem and solution easily, but the path to it was not so easy, and could have had tragic results had it not been for the persistence 2-year-old Katie Smith's parents:"We thought she was choking on a cracker at first, but my husband checked her airways and she was breathing fine," [Christina] Smith told ABC News today. "But she was gagging, drooling and holding her saliva,...[ Read More... ]
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