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Zika virus may pass through sex besides mosquitos, CDC issues new safe-sex guidelines
The Zika virus is now known to not only be transmitted via mosquito bites, but also via sperm.  The CDC has confirmed Zika has been sexually transmitted in Texas on Wednesday.  The virus has spread to at least 29 countries.  Friday the CDC has issued new safe-sex guidelines especially for pregnant women: "Men who live in or travel to areas of active Zika infections and...[ Read More... ]
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Lucie's Open Letter: "Here's how I learned at age 20 that I was HIV positive."
Originally posted by Lucie on Konbini (in French) and translated to English and posted on A Plus:Your 20s is a time for staying out late, waking up early, working hard but living carefree. Lucie's life isn't like that. Not anymore, at least.Today, Lucie is just 22 years old. Back in 2012, while running routine blood tests for an operation, Lucie found out she was HIV-positive....[ Read More... ]
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