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Important to anchor furniture to wall; IKEA recalled 29 million dressers
Posted 3 years ago
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In June 2016, IKEA announced a recall of 29 million dressers after seven children were killed from the furniture falling on them.  The recall involved about 8 million MALM chests and dressers and 21 million additional children's and adult chests and dressers sold by IKEA in the U.S.  They include the 3-drawer, 4-drawer, 5-drawer, and 6-drawer models.  It is very important to either return the recalled chest or dresser/get rid of it, or anchor it to the wall.

Unfortunately, since the recall, there has been another child's death caused from the IKEA MALM dresser falling and crushing the 2-year-old boy in May 2017.  The family did not know the dresser had been recalled.  It is a good idea to anchor furniture such as chests, dressers, bookcases, tvs, etc. to the wall, to avoid it toppling over and falling on anyone, especially young children or pets.

IKEA urges all consumers to securely attach chests to the wall with the hardware included in every IKEA chest of drawers package. Wall attachment is a necessary part of the assembly instructions, which must not be overlooked.
(via ABC7 News: Boy, 2, crushed by IKEA dresser; First death since recall)


If you have an IKEA chest or dresser:

Call IKEA toll-free at 866-856-4532 anytime or online at www.IKEA-USA.com/recallchestsanddressers or www.IKEA-USA.com and click on Product Recall for more information on how to receive a refund or free wall-anchoring repair kit.
(via ABC7 News: 
Ikea recalls 29 million dressers after child deaths)

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