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Trader Joe's salads contaminated with bacteria, cause listeriosis
The USDA has issued a public health alert for bacteria contaminated Trader Joe's salads, labeled "TRADER JOE'S Broccoli Slaw & Kale Salad with White Chicken Meat", in 9.3-ounce plastic containers.  The ready-to-eat (so no rinsing) salads were shipped to Arizona, California, Nevada and Utah Trader Joe's stores, and had "Use by" dates of Oct. 10, 11, 12, and 13. ...[ Read More... ]
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Successful epliepsy treatment with purified cannabinoid, without THC, posted on the UCSF official website article on January 05, 2016:“Better treatment for children with uncontrolled seizures is desperately needed,” said Maria Roberta Cilio, MD, PhD, senior author and director of research at the UCSF Pediatric Epilepsy Center. “It’s...[ Read More... ]
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Lucie's Open Letter:
Originally posted by Lucie on Konbini (in French) and translated to English and posted on A Plus:Your 20s is a time for staying out late, waking up early, working hard but living carefree. Lucie's life isn't like that. Not anymore, at least.Today, Lucie is just 22 years old. Back in 2012, while running routine blood tests for an operation, Lucie found out she was HIV-positive....[ Read More... ]
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