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Lori Jones post surgery causes belly button loss
45-year-old Lori Jones saved up to get rid of her "baby pooch" after having C-sections to "bring sexy back" and wear a 2-piece bathing suit - but the umbilical hernia removal and tummy tuck surgery results in her losing her belly button.  Jones said she did her research, had several consultations, and chose Houston surgeon Dr. Younan Nowzardan - known for performing gastric bypass...[ Read More... ]
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X-ray shows battery stuck in toddler's esophagus
An x-ray provided the problem and solution easily, but the path to it was not so easy, and could have had tragic results had it not been for the persistence 2-year-old Katie Smith's parents:"We thought she was choking on a cracker at first, but my husband checked her airways and she was breathing fine," [Christina] Smith told ABC News today. "But she was gagging, drooling and holding her saliva,...[ Read More... ]
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