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Dr. David Hawk saves elderly man with CPR
Good job for Dr. David Hawk, a foot doctor in Tennessee, who saved the life of an elderly man, coming in for toenail clipping, who suffered a heart attack:Tennessee Foot and Ankle Clinic, LENOIR CITYHe takes care of everything from ingrown toenails to ankle and foot surgeries, but a regular visit for one man almost became his last.“I was calling his name out yelling, ‘Come on!...[ Read More... ]
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"He saved my life,” said Sue Palmer of her husband Tim.
And her husband was right. Pushing her to go to the ER that night saved her life with the fast help of the doctors and nurses there who took them seriously.  Sue Palmer's story:On Tuesday, Jan. 13, 2015, I suddenly became wide awake at 5 a.m. I lay in bed with my eyes open for maybe a minute, thinking, “Hmm, this is weird,” and then, “I feel kind of funny.” Within...[ Read More... ]
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