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Sonia Olea Coontz had a stroke in 2011 that affected the movement of her right arm and leg. After modified stem cells were injected into her brain as part of a clinical trial, she says her limbs "woke up."
Injecting modified, human, adult stem cells directly into the brains of chronic stroke patients proved not only safe but effective in restoring motor function, according to the findings of a small clinical trial led by Stanford University School of Medicine investigators.The patients, all of whom had suffered their first and only stroke between six months and three years before...[ Read More... ]
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4-year-old Nevaeh suffered brain damage after dentist sedation for a tool pull
Sedation for a tooth pull caused severe brain damage:HOUSTON --A 4-year-old girl went to a dentist to get a tooth pulled, and she's now in a hospital with severe brain damage. Her family is living a nightmare. They want to know how what should have been a simple procedure went so wrong.Two months ago, Nevaeh begged her mom to go to Chuck e Cheese. Now she's at a rehab hospital. The 4-year-old...[ Read More... ]
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